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Weld yourself 67-72 K10 LSx Swap CrossMember

Weld yourself 67-72 K10 LSx Swap CrossMember

SKU: 6772swapmemberUNwelded

Do you own a 67-72 4x4 truck that you are thinking of swapping an LSx into? Or have you already tried to set the engine in and relaize the stock pan doesnt clear the factory engine crossmember?


Look no further, The EC Auto and Iron Fabrication Swap CrossMember is here to help. Designed to bolt in place of the factory crossmember, using the later model engine mounts and allow that LSx engine to be bolted in place. Each crossmember weld yourelf kit comes fully UNwelded, with all hardware needed to bolt it into the frame, including hardware to bolt the block mounts to the LSx engine. Also included in the weld yourself kit are 6 "clamps" and hardware to hold the pieces together while welding in the frame.  The crossmember pieces are CNC plasma cut from 1/4" steel plate. All hardware is grade 8 or equivalent. Mounting holes are slotted and allow for some movement front and back of the crossmember.


*** Current Lead time is 2-3 weeks to process and ship***

  • More Details

    Whats included?

    -Fabricated crossmember, UNwelded

    -Rubber Engine Mounts

    -Engine block plates

    -Grade 8 3/8" hardware to bolt crossmember in place and bolt rubber mounts down (and non locking nuts to use during welding)

    -Metric hardware to bolt block plate to LSx engine

    -Grade 8 7/16" Bolts to hold the engine in place

    -"Clamp" plates and hardware.



    -Crossmember may fit the old style frames 60-66, up to end user to verifiy.

    -ONLY FOR 4X4 FRAMES, not for use in 2wd frames.

    -Recommend at least a 2 inch suspension lift to aid in clearing oil pan.


    We are more then happy to help with any issues you may have when installing. Please email with any questions.


    Shipped Via UPS Ground, Contact for pricing.

  • Ordering

    To Order please email --> or call 408-713-1860

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